It’s getting closer! Have you registered yet? We still waiting for you to join us MOESCULAR 2016

Intermedical Reunion
‘Reunite the vigor of medical souls’

14-20 MARCH 2016❗

Ask them for more info about the competition:

✅FK&FKG only
1.Futsal – Flo(08111002104)
2.Basketball – monica(08992387142)
3.Badminton – kemal(082299224100)

✅For public
1.Traditional dance – sefi(081210214225)
2.Modern dance – alilla(08118777080)
3.Photography – Nisaa (081298790268)
4.Band – ute(087774754841)

Find us on
Path: Moescular 2016
Instagram: @moescular2016

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